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We are.. travellers, foodsters, cat & dog – video gawkers, finders (sometimes keepers), and downright obsessed souvenir-ers. Our love for travel got us to conceive TrippinBox in August 2015 – to share finds and souvenirs from wherever we travel. Months and months after we started travelling together, and bringing back copious amounts of knick knacks, we turned one of our bedrooms into what we call the “Map Room”.

Of course there’s a map – a tapestry from Venice. And then there are the travel racks, filled with just about all sorts of randomness from around the world. We also bring home a lot of local chocolates and food, but that usually gets gobbled up (and hence not photographed). We also have a four legged purring member – called Laura, Lulu among other names, who does the tedious job of sniffing boxes, when they arrive. Quality control, six sigma and all that.

TrippinBox by BONANJ SAS (828 762 880).

À bientôt & bon voyage

– Team TrippinBox

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